Single Threads: Leiv Poncet (Mini-Episode)

Single Threads: Sailor Spotlight

The first of the mini-episodes... "Single Threads" are shorter, single-interview episodes, focusing on the lives and passages of sailors and sea-dwellers we meet along the way. 

For the first Single-Thread, I interviewed Leiv Poncet. Clif and I invited Leiv onto our boat in the Guaymas Boat Yard for learn more about his unique upbringing on a 50' steel schooner. His parents were cruisers, who left France in their early twenties to sail south, and ended up raising their children (including Leiv) onboard. This podcast gives a little glimpse into Leiv's adventures and accomplishments in the way of voyaging single-handed.

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It’s not the lifestyle that appeals to me. It’s the means.. the goal at the end.
— Leiv Poncet
Leiv, next to his boat in Guaymas.

Leiv, next to his boat in Guaymas.

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