Episode 1: The Yard

Sedna begins her journey on the hard, that is to say, in sailor-speak, out of the water, in Marina Seca Guaymas, in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico. The boat yard is a great place to begin both the sailing adventure, as well as my podcast/radio adventure, particularly because of the high concentration of seasonal "cruisers" (sailors who live aboard their boats seasonally or permanently). Many of these cruisers have just arrived from Canada or the US, driving down to the yard, ready to begin a winter on the water in the Sea of Cortes. Other sailors are just passing through on a much longer journey, needing a inexpensive place to haul out and fix the wear and tear of long periods of time at sea.

The boat yard can be a joyous place for seasonal cruisers, or a hellish place for those who are trying to fix up problems in the dry, hot heat. I would say, we're a little of both-- the excitement to begin and the yearning to get out. 

Special Thanks again to the band Vagabond Mantra for theme music and other songs throughout. You can find their music on iTunes, Spotify, They're on Facebook... the works! 

Musical Credits: "All Do Time" and "Alleyways", by Vagabond Mantra; "Floating Temple", Monplaisir, FreeMusicArchive.org, CC Public Domain; "Tahiti", Tapes and Tubes, FreeMusicArchive.org, CC BY NC