A Little Bit About Us.


We started our bit of time together nearly six years ago in Alaska, and after a year of dating, we moved onto a sailboat together, our Cal 34, Sound Discovery. As you can imagine, winters on a sailboat up in Alaska are dreadfully cold, especially in a small, un-insulated fiberglass hull, so we sailed down to Mexico and have been bouncing around ever since.

We call Juneau, Alaska our homeport. While our physical, floating home moves about, our friends and close loved ones are still in Juneau. It makes our hearts happy to be there... until is rains incessantly and we pine for our boat decks!

We love to explore, meet new people, and learn... and want to keep doing just that. Which is what led us to cruising in the first place. Who doesn't want a moderately free way to move about the globe?

Because we're taking a new step on a new boat this year, we created a new website. If you want to know more about us-- we've written quite a lot, and you can read it all at the link below.

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