Episode 2: The Shakedown


Episode 2 is up and rolling!

Warm, sunny wishes from La Cruz, Riviera Nayarit-- just north of Puerto Vallarta. We have been "camped out" so to speak for the last several weeks working on the boat, surfing (*learning to surf) and gathering tape in and around this area. I'm happy to get up the second full episode of Why We Spin Yarns. We did our Shakedown in early December, but had a holiday visit back to Alaska, which interrupted some podcast work... naturally!

Cruisers featured in this episode include Bruce on Scuttlebutt, Mike on Compass Rose, and a little from Leiv Poncet from the previous "Single Thread." You will probably hear form Mike again, as he has followed us down to the La Cruz area, and we tend to be in the same anchorages enjoying the same surf. Thanks guys!

Musical Credits for this episode are as follows--and in this order:

"Got It Figured Out," Vagabond Mantra; "Same Old Moon," M Shanghai String Band CC BY-NC-SA; "Contigo Aprendi," and "La Bikina," both by Salomon Kanafany of Punta de Mita. I'll be posted a full audio clip of Salomon on my blog to listen to as well. All of the guitar pieces we recording in the lovely home of our friends Kelly and David-- and all by David Reed.

Giselle Miller