Episode 4: Ocean Passage

On our last night in Bora Bora, I decided to make one last ditch effort to upload this podcast. I’ve been patiently sitting on this episode for more than a month, just enjoying it all to myself, and now it’s time to share! 

After the passage, I started interviewing friends who arrived with us at the Marquesas, and got a good sense of of the ups and downs (both literal and figurative) of everyone’s passage experience. It was remarkable how similar all the stories were, so it was natural and fun to weave the interviews clips in with our own audio from the passage.


Cruising vessels featured in this episode include S/V Bravo, Ripple, Summer, Tioga and Merrion— among others! Meli of S/V Bravo just wrote a great little piece for July issue of Latitude 38 magazine on their passage reflection, and you can download that for free on the Latitude 38 website. Ed and Talica of S/V Tioga have a sailing video blog on Youtube that is well worth a look: @tedsetssail.

Music featured in this episode includes two songs by Juneau local Dan Kirkwood and his group Obiwan Coyote, “Foghorns,” and “Nomad.” Other music includes pieces by Les Hayden and Vagabond Mantra. Dan just released a brand new album with the band title, which you can download and listen to on iTunes, Spotify or Bandcamp.

*Disclaimer* This episode does include a little flowery language (hence the explicit rating on iTunes) at the very end of the episode— call is podcast bloopers — and what sailing podcast wouldn’t be complete without a little sailor talk!

Questions? Comments? General positive or constructive feedback? Actually... nix the constructive feedback... but any nice thoughts you can pass on via email to sailing.vessel.sedna@gmail.com.

Giselle Miller