Episode 3: Harbor Queen

Dinghy Dock in Marina La Cruz, Nayarit.

Dinghy Dock in Marina La Cruz, Nayarit.

While interviewing female sailors in La Cruz, Mexico, there was one common thread that emerged out of every cruiser experience— the quest, or need, for community. Embracing the cruising lifestyle often means leaving behind friends and family that build the structure we call home. Home is relative when you love on a boat, but that doesn’t stop these woman from seeking those same connections wherever they drop the hook.

Thank you to the women who interviewed for this episode, including Katrina Leona, Lou Issac, April on S/V Westy, Hillary on S/V Varuna, Linda on S/V Nomi, and Mel of S/V Bravo.

Special musical thanks to the featured artist, friend, and fellow Alaskan, Anna Lynch! Her tunes “Beer in Jars,” and “Olivia” are heard during the episode, along with “Want,” by Les Hayden (Creative Commons License: CC BY-NC-ND), and “Alleyways” by Vagabond Manta

**This episode was edited and published during our Pacific Ocean Passage while underway!! It had taken a while to finally upload, but well worth it. The internet in the Marquesas is as to be expected for a group of island in the middle of the Pacific... slow and very spotty... hence not uploading the podcast! But more to common soon... especially once we reach Tahiti.

Giselle Miller