Moving South: Alaska to Guaymas



Well, we are finally on our way down to see Sedna, and see how she fared the Hurricane Season the summer. I'm anticipating a sad realization that all my hard varnish and teak sealing work that I did this past spring will have been in vane-- hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised! The truck is loaded up to the brim, complete with cans of coho salmon, new toys, new running rigging, new paint, and everything in between. Clif is in awe at my stack of new books for our boat library that are wondering about the cab of the truck, waiting to be placed on our little teak shelves.

This past summer was a good one, working hard again up in Alaska aboard the Mist Cove, sharing the beauty of Southeast Alaska on the water with visitors. But the summer was unusually rainy this year, and has made us even more ready to get down to the dry yard to pick up where we left off in Sedna's refit.

After spending several weeks moving from Seattle, through Bend, Reno and Los Angeles, we're settling here in Phoenix, at my grandparents home, using up their high-speed internet for going such chores as creating a new website and preparing for my other new project: a podcast! 

I'll be writing more about my new podcast endeavor, which we started last night with our preliminary interviews of ourselves, but if you're curious in following the progress, it'll be documented in the Podcast page of this website.

Giselle Miller