Our house was made to go where the wind blows, so why not follow?

Thoughts and words about taking the leap across the pond...

The Next Step

When Clif and I first started talking and more specifically recording about this trip, I asked him why cross an ocean? What pulled at him the most? For him, it was a natural progression. It wasn't something he dreamed of every day of his life. It was something that became an feasible challenge after living on Sound Discovery, our former 34' Cal, and heading down the coast. We stepped up in boats, so it's time to step up in cruising.

Making the "Jump"...

Every spring, when the northeast Tradewinds fill in, a large migration of sailors make the "jump" across the Pacific Ocean from California, Mexico and Panama, all the way across to the Marquesas, a group of islands in French Polynesia. Many choose to join regattas, or other groups of cruisers that are taking the leap at the same time. We plan on being one of these vessels this spring! Taking off from Puerto Vallarta area, and landing some 3,000 nautical miles west. The passage tends to take three to four weeks, depending on the speed of the vessel... ours happens to be a slower one.

Where do you go once you're there?

The trip to the South Pacific requires at least one full summer cruising season (summer in the northern hemisphere), to avoid the cyclone season in the south. Anytime between April and the end of October is fair game for South Pacific Island hopping with ease. Once November rolls around, you have to find a hurricane hole, or make the transit down to New Zealand or Australia to wait out the storms (or to try and make money... in our case). We plan to make the trip due west, all the way to Fiji, and then turn south for the land of the Kiwis in November.

Have you been to the South Pacific by boat or otherwise? Have recommendations for us! Please contact us via email!